Natural camping in our "Rich Forest" - privacy, camp fire and starry nights included!

camp site Bogata Suma


Bogata Suma, kamperen in de natuur
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Call +385955555677 or mail
GPS: 45.36215898863162, 15.689344459663417
Address: look up "Bogata Suma" (go up the hill in Knezevic Kosa)

Camping in nature

You are welcome camping in our "Rich Forest"!

Our small camping site is a family run business, situated on the top of a hill in the heart of Croatia. This green, foresty area is one of the most beautiful parts of Croatia!

Almost all camping spots have a hammock and a little fire pit where you can make a (small) campfire.

Rent our shepherd's hut in natureRent our cozy shepherd's hut in nature!
This shepherd's hut is hand made, on the 100 years old cart that was used to bring in the hay from the fields.

Million star campsite

When the night is clear, you can see up to 4000 stars! Our air is very pure and there is no light pollution.

Our campsite is stretched over 12 hectares/30 acres so all visitors can enjoy nature and wildlife like we do. Privacy guaranteed!

The camp site is open all year but please check:
+385 95 5555 677
or mail
Please try to arrive before 21:00 / 9 PM (but after 9 you're still welcome)

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Camping in nature

Camping in nature

Wilkommen Deutsch

Wilkommen auf unserem Permakultur Hof und Campingplatz mitten in der Natur!

Wir verbinden ein bisschen Komfort mit der ganz großen Abenteuerlust. Hier lässt es sich in wildromantischer Landschaft fabelhaft Zelten und Sterne gucken.

Unser Campingplatz ist groß (12 Hectaren), damit jeder die Ruhe und Weite genießen kann. Privatsphäre garantiert!

Der Campingplatz ist das ganze Jahr geöffnet, aber rufen Sie bitte vorher unter +385 (0)95 - 5555 677 an.

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Rent a shepherd's hut

Dobrodošli Hrvatski

Dobrodošli u naš obiteljski kamp u šumi!

Mali eko kamp smješten je na vrhu brda u srednjoj Hrvatskoj, okružen šumama. Udaljen sat vremena od Zagreba i Plitvička jezera, pola sata od Karlovca, 5 minuta od Vojnića.

Robinzonski kamp je otvoren tijekom cijele godine, ali molimo provjerite dostupnost na mobitel: 095 5555 677 ili na mail

>> čitaj više Hrvatski

Holiday in a shepherd's hut

Rest in nature

This is a good stop-over place for families and people who want to have a good rest in beautiful nature. We're situated only 35 minutes from the highway or 10 minutes from the national "road 1" (Karlovac-Split). Both Zagreb and the Plitvice lakes and waterfalls are an hour drive. >> Find us in Google maps

Micro restaurant and local produce

If you like, you can join us at the dinner table for a good, organic meal from our terrain and a good conversation.
It is also possible to buy seasonal garden produce, fermented vegetables, home grown potatoes or eggs, herbal teas, tinctures and other products from the land.

Natuurlijke camping in Kroatie

Pricelist camping Bogata Šuma

Persons € 7,50 per night
Babies 0 - 3 € 5,- per night
Tourist tax per person € 1,50 per night
Tent € 6,- per night
Camper € 10,- per night
Caravan € 8,- per night
Car/motorcycle € 4,- per night
Electricity € 4,- per night
Dog € 4,- per night
Rent our shepherd's hut (2 persons) € 39,- /
€ 35,-
per night / 3 or more
2 Course dinner with organic ingredients from the terrain € 20,- per person
Meal for kids € 12,- per kid
Fresh egg (XL, free range) € 0,50  
Jams, crackers, sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, kefir ask if available
Organic fruits or vegetables, salad greens day price  

Gypsy wagon and reception


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Enjoy true nature in luxurious simplicity! Permaculture camping in Croatia