Small family campground in nature (forest, hills) in inland Croatia

camp site Bogata Suma

Natural camping in our "Rich Forest": privacy, camp fire and starry nights included!
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Bogata Suma, kamperen in de natuur
GPS: 45.36215898863162, 15.689344459663417

Call +385955555677 or +385 (0)95 5088 572 or mail

Nature campground


Our camp ground is small, the facilities are simple and we keep everything clean. It is a natural campsite though, so there is a possibility of a fly in the bathroom or a spider behind the compost toilet.
There can also be magical fireflies on hot nights in June, the hoot of an owl or a shooting star.

Bathroom facilities

In the house you'll find a simple bathroom with shower, toilet and wash basin.
Behind the house there is a wooden shower building with 2 showers and 2 sinks.
At the end of the path you can find a compost toilet, and there is a big compost toilet on the path to the forest.

Permaculture garden

Food and drinks

You can buy seasonal produce from the garden and usually we have eggs, jam, herbal teas, kefir and kombucha for sale.
Sometimes you can buy home made sauerkraut, kimchi or other produce.

Dinner with the family
You can ask us for the possibilities of having dinner with the family. It is not always possible and you have to inform us before 17:00.
Our dinners are usually vegetarian, always colorful and healthy and fresh from our terrain.

Dineren in de natuur

Restaurants in the area

There are some restaurants nearby. Ask us for recommendations because the quality varies.

Camping in nature



Nederlands   Deutsch   Hrvatski - Croatian   Weather   Bogata Suma op Facebook

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Enjoy true nature! Permaculture camping in Croatia