Small family campground in nature (forest, hills) in inland Croatia

camp site Bogata Suma

Natural camping in our "Rich Forest": privacy, camp fire and starry nights included!
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Bogata Suma, kamperen in de natuur
GPS: 45.36215898863162, 15.689344459663417

Call +385955555677 or +385 (0)95 5088 572 or mail

Camping in nature

You are welcome on our small, natural campsite 'Bogata Suma' (Croatian for 'Rich forest')

Our small camp ground is a family run business, situated on the top of a hill in the heart of Croatia. We love and respect Mother Nature and we like to share our abundance with guests. This green, foresty area is one of the most beautiful parts of Croatia.

Privacy guaranteed
Our campsite will remain small and natural so all visitors can enjoy nature and wildlife like we do. Privacy guaranteed!

The camp site is open all year but please check: +385 (0)95 - 5555 677 or mail
Please arrive before 21:00 / 9 PM (but you're still welcome later)

Peaceful camping in nature

Rest in nature
It's a good stop-over place for families and people who want to have a rest in beautiful nature. We're situated only 35 minutes from the highway or 10 minutes from the national "road 1" (Karlovac-Split). Both Zagreb and the Plitvice lakes and waterfalls are an hour drive. >> Find us on Google maps

Camping in nature

Food & drinks
If you like, you can join us at the dinner table for a good, delicious organic meal from our terrain.
It is also possible to buy seasonal garden produce or eggs, herbal teas and other products.

Natuurlijke camping in Kroatie

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Nederlands   Deutsch   Hrvatski - Croatian   Weather   Bogata Suma op Facebook

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Enjoy true nature! Permaculture camping in Croatia